Das Bild zeigt rechts ein Trichterglas mit blauer Flüssigkeit und Glasstab zum Umrühren. Daneben steht ein Reagenzglasständer mit Reagenzgläsern, die ebenfalls blaue Flüssigkeit enthalten. Im Hintergrund ist ein Forscher zu sehen, der in der rechten Hand eine Pipette hält.

Group Blüthgen

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Group Blüthgen

Systems Biology of Molecular networks

Research Area

We are researching how cells process information about extra- and intracellular cues through the intra-cellular signalling and gene-regulatory networks. We mainly focus on pro-proliferative signalling pathways, where we aim to understand what design principles govern reliable information transfer and gene regulation and how oncogenic mutations change the properties of the signalling pathways. In particular we are interested how feedbacks within the signalling network may counteract drug action.

We are an interdisciplinary team of experimentalists and theoreticians and utilise mathematical models and theoretical concepts in order to analyse large- and medium-scale datasets on signalling and gene expression – a research approach which is known as systems biology.

If you are interested in our research area (e.g. for a internship, PhD or Postdoc position) please contact: nils.bluethgen(at)charite.de

Selected Publications