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Group Lage

Experimental Pathology

Research Area

In the research group "Experimental Pathology" various aspects of therapy resistance of cancer cells are investigated. For that approach multiple in vitro models were established and characterized on different cellular levels by molecular biological approached including "-omics" technologies. Findings are validated in specimens prepared from cancer patients. Vice versa, also factors identified in tissue samples from patients are characterized in in vitro models. The findings are used for development of improved diagnostics for prediction of clinical outcome of a given therapy. Furthermore, strategies are developed for reversal of therapy resistance. These strategies include the application of new synthesized conventional pharmacological active small molecules as well as experimental strategies using RNA-based approaches, e.g. RNA interference (RNAi) technology. Furthermore, improved strategies for delivery of therapeutic RNAi effectors are under investigation. These strategies include therapeutic non-pathogen microorganisms and oncolytic viruses.

Research Projects

  • DFG: "Development of symmetric MDR modulators and evaluation of their efficacy in cellular systems"
  • BMBF: "Identification and characterization of markers associated with oncolytic virus therapy"
  • Deutsche Krebshilfe: "Functional investigation of new genes identified to be associated with hereditary breast cancer"
  • Industry: "Characterisation of ZK-EPO in drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cancer cells"
  • Industry: "Development of a microbial system for administration of therapeutic RNA molecules in drug-resistant cancer cells"
  • Industry: "Development of peptide-linked therapeutic RNAs for specific treatment of drug-resistant cancer cells"

Selected Publications