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Scientific background of the conference

"...In Cancer" is a long-standing conference series annually held in Berlin for now almost ten years. The format is a smaller, "think tank"-like meeting with outstanding scientific colleagues representing very different research fields in cancer biology and therapy.

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„Yin and Yang“

The "Yin and Yang" implies the overarching idea, that many biological features related to cancer may come with opposing implications, depending on dose, timing or context, operate in somewhat complementary, somewhat antagonistic ways, or reflect aberrant transitions between two otherwise incompatible states (e.g. quiescence and stemness; tumor-controlling vs. tumor-promoting inflammation; or metastasis vs. dissemination). We do not expect that every invited speaker and abstract submitted strictly adheres to this concept, but very much appreciate if the talks and posters could touch on this idea as a general red line. At the end, we all want to learn in this more intimate meeting format across fields from each other, get stimulated by conceptually novel ideas that may help to bridge fields or encourage the participants in taking new, transdisciplinary routes in their research.